Boss You Up Business Bundle 


For the past 18 years of being in business I have had many ups and downs and struggles.


Now 13 years of working for myself, many people have tons of questions on how to get start a successful business. 


Understanding that not everyone can afford one on one coaching, we put together a “Boss You Up” a business bundle starter kit. 


This will give you all the tools you need to start a successful business. 

Here’s what is included in the package;


You will receive 

  • 5 Ways to Become a More Positive Thinker. 

Being a positive thinker is needed to creat  results when the going gets tough as a new business owner.


  • You will also receive “50 Things that your Website Needs to Attract More Clients.”

In addition “ an audio version to be able to get the training while you’re on the go.


  • You will also receive a “Brand your Story Planner” to help you to create a powerful story. 

One of the things that we teach here at Zyykirrah Global is that facts tell but stories sell. 

Having a compelling story is essential.  Many of us have a compelling story but do not know how to deliver it. This planner will allow you to pull out what’s needed to make your story a compelling one.


  • This package also comes with “5 Online Business Models that you can Start Today.” 

And this is going to be great for the person who is not so sure how they want to create their new business.


  • You will also receive “5 Ways to Generate Quick Leads” eBook. This is great for lead generation. Leads are the life and death of a business. 


  • And finally you will receive “Content Creation Traffic” eBook. This will help you create the content  that is going to create traffic to your website. More traffic means more Sales. 


This boss you up bundle package will give you the tools to put you on the right path of creating and starting a successful business.

Boss Up Bundle Package (Start a Business Kit)

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$49.99Sale Price