Why You Should Enjoy Your Childhood

I was having a conversation some time ago with my sons and an old friend. During the conversation we were talking about how much of your life you are actually a kid.

Think about it.

If you were to live to be 80 years old, only 18 of those years you would be considered to be a kid. So that means 62 of those years you are an adult. Now how many of us rush to be an adult. Like honestly if you have even thought once when you were a child, "I can not wait till I get older," then SHARE THIS POST. For real! There should be thousands of shares because I do not know many people who never thought that as a child.

So I believe if we do a good job explaining that to our youth they may take more advantage of their time as a child. I am unsure if I would have received that well but maybe I would have.

Let your children know that they will have all the time in the world to be an adult. So enjoy the time that they have a youngster.

Granted that no matter what age you are, you should still be growing, but not being responsible for your well being technically till you are 18 years should be taken full advantage of. Take that time to grasp as much information and experiences as possible. Age-appropriate of course.

Now parents that does not mean you should just stop caring for them at 18 if they need you.

None the less, show your little ones this. Explain to them how short of a time their childhood is. More a reason to pour into them as much as the life skills they will need to be a responsible adult. There is not much time. As a mother of a 16 and 15-year old, TRUST ME, there is not much time to install those vital jewels that will help shape their future. So get busy with installing.

I hope this is as enlightening as our conversation was. And literally write out and show your children how long they are kids if they were to live to be 100. Yeah I know I originally said 80 but I hope to live pass 80 lol.

As always, share this if you find this to be helpful.


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