Water Each Others Plants

What do i mean by, "Water Each Other"?.

Well first let me tell you about a study that was done on plants.

A group of students was given 8 plants. They were the same plants. They split the 4 plants into two different rooms. Each day for about 30 mins they would speak to each group of plants. In room 1 they would speak positively to the plants. They would say “Gosh how much you have grown, what beautiful plants. Thank you for your presence. Such beautiful flowers.”

In room 2 they spoke to the plants 🌱 negatively. Saying things like “You haven’t grown and will never grow. You’re such an ugly plant 🌱. A worthless plant. “

The continued this process for 35 days. They watered the plants the same amount of times a day. They all had the same amount of sunlight. They all was given same amount of additional Vitamins.

The students did everything the same except the way they spoke to the plants in room 1 and room 2.

To their surprise, the plants in room 2 died

and the plants in room 1 flourished beyond what they were expected the grow to.

So I could not help to think, if that works for plants would it be the same for people?

People are made up by 70% of water and negative and positive energy changes the structure of water.

There was a similar study’s done on a cup of water. Screaming first in a cup then singing in a cup and viewing it under a microscope. The singing cup had rounded, graceful shapes while the screaming cup had ridged, demonic shapes.

So yes I believe it the same with people.

If you don’t have people around you to water your plants it’s so difficult to push forward. It’s not impossible!!! But if you do man you turn into your super self with positive energies and words consistently shooting at you.

And ladies while we wait for our significant other's to water our plants and say what we want to hear, tell us we’re beautiful, compliment how we look, or for what we done, we should remember to do the same.

Society has made Men have this image of being stronger than an ox. We think Men don’t need their plants watered, but they do. They need to be told how amazing, wonderful, and handsome they are too.

So water some plants today and only keep those around you who will water yours.

Till the next


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