The Common Denominator

Have you ever had to pause and think this again! I know where this is headed. But the even scarier part is when you are faced with the reality that the same situations, same plots, keeps happening with different people!!!

So what does this mean? Is it the people? That is possible because we attract who we are but then it still brings it back to us.

What is the common denominator? Different people, same situation, the common denominator in each situation is, YOU YOU YOU YOU!

See I had to be honest with myself and face the fact that I was searching for people to show me love farther than myself find love from within. See how could someone love you before you love yourself. So ladies and gents when you are having issues with your spouse, significant others, etc. its a strong possibility that it is YOU!  It's YOU not loving yourself enough to allow whatever it is that is does not feel good to you. Whether it is showing disrespect or even showing love. When you do not have self love someone could love you right and you not even recognize it.

I am committed to SOLELY focus on loving the most important person in my life and that's me...  Even when it comes to your children. When I am better my kids are better. Even when it comes to your signifciant other. When I am better he is better.

So again! It all Starts with you!!

"In Life we live and we learn and in return we  learn how to live"

Zyykirrah :)

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