Know Your Role...

On my way back home from California I accidently saw a commercial advertising a new car. Not sure what car or what style but the commercial showed the people who were drawing the design and the people who were actually building the physical model. As I watch so many things popped in my head.

When two people who are really passionate has a talent that compliment each other, things like cars, books, and movies are created. Neither one has a harder job. Neither one is more significant. They all bring their best which makes the creation!

Sometimes when I have worked with people in the past I would become frustrated because I would believe my role was soooooo significant. I was doing sooooo much work. I realize NOW I was just doing my work. I was doing my part. Nothing better or more than my partners just my work. And when you think about it that way you can focus on what you can contribute and there the magic takes place. Like the car below.

This car is the result of Focus Specialized Knowledge brought together.

(See more in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill)

I am not saying there isn’t such thing of someone doing more work, but I am saying there’s a huge difference between the person who does more work than others and the person who is doing their work like no others. The designer has the job to develop the vision of the car. He is the beginning stages of the entire project. The builder finishes it up. Without the designer there is no vision. Without the builder there is no product.

Your work is your work…..

In Life we Live and we Learn and in return we Learn how to Live…..


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