How to you Run a Business Home w/ Small Kids

Sometimes I am contacted by people who ask me about how it is even possible to run a business from home if you have children. Especially small children. And often times they will rule out starting a business because of having children.

My answer is always the same. Your children should never be a reason why not. They should be your reason why you should.

I would suggest thinking about how starting a business from home or even a tradition income. How exactly would that benefit you and your children?

Once you take the time to figure that part out everything is easy breezy. But instead of giving you a few generic vague answers here is how I managed with small kids.

When I first started in business my sons were very young. I was 18 years old and my oldest was just born. I will be honest it was hard to focus but I remember going on appointments with Zykir trying to sell life insurance.

To be honest I was horrible at business my first 5 years.Trying to figure me out, what business actually is, and raising two kids on my own it was something to tackle. I made some pretty good money. But I kept at it and here are a few things I learned to do with my kids that made it more simple to run my home business:

  • Include Your Kids in your Business.

One of the things I would do with my sons is include them in the process of me building my business. If I had business cards they had business cards. I would explain to them why I would hand them out to people. My oldest did not enjoy passing out cards and flyers but my youngest loved it.

  • Give Them Incentives to Participate.

In my business I would conduct meetings and sometimes I would need someone to do our registration table. I would dress my boys in nice suits and train them on how to welcome the guests that were showing up. I would promise ice cream, outings, and as they grew older a few dollars.

  • Explain to them what you are doing. (1 and Up)

You would be surprise what a child can understand when you take the time to show them and explain the process to them. My sons understood what a profit was when they were 8 or 9 years old. They would be so intrigued and wanted to understand more. Your kids will love to understand the process so it is imperative that you understand it.

  • Share Your Goals with Them.

I have the funniest story on this one. I remember I shared my promotion goals with my sons and in my healthcare business we had a poster with the ladder of promotions you can achieved. I showed them where I was on the scale and 2 years later I brought into our office and we had the same poster hanging in the conference room. My sons immediately ran into the conference room and asked me, "Mommy are you at this level now?" I regrettably had to say no I am still at this level. And at the same time they both said, "Dang Mom, you still in the same spot??" LOL Well I was at the Top Level in about a year after that. So share with them. They will be your best accountability partners!

  • Make it Fun

Sometimes when the boys were younger I would have to make calls and for some reason they would start to become loud and rowdy. So I had to make it fun for them. I would say things like, "Mommy is on the phone it is time to HOLD YOUR BUBBLES" And they would giggle and if the call is going a little long and they would get rowdy again and I would mute the line and say it again, "Hold Your Bubbles" and that's how they learned to understand the importance of me having a successful call.

There are many different things you can do to gain the cooperation of your kiddos. Make it fun and do what's best for your family. Creating time freedom from home is a privilege! Make sure your children are the reason why you made it work with them! Feel free to use these tips and comment below any other ideas you make have!


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