Homemade Sugar

Hello, Hello, Hello! I know you probabily wondering that if I am pulling your leg about this homemade sugar deal, especially if you are on the Daniel Fast or want cut back from it. I am here to let you know that I am not! And to achieve this remarkable additive your star ingredient will be Date Palms!! 

Dates are natures sweet syrup! And they have so many different benefits for you that may surprise you! Click here to this awesome article I read giving 13 Benefits to why you should include dates in your diet. 

This Date Syrup I make is so simple! All you need is 3 ingredients! How about we started! 

You Will Need: 

 5-6 Dates 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil 1/4 a Cup of Almond milk 

First Cut up your Dates finely as possible. Across one way and then the other... Run your knife under hot water before using to keep the knife from sticking to the sweet Dates. Thats totally optional. 

Next add your Olive Oil in a small sauce pan. Let the Oil heat and add the dates. Use your wooden spoon or mixing utensil to get all oil around the chopped dates. Turn your "Eye" on Medium Heat. 

Let this simmer for about 5-8 mins. Be careful to not burn your dates that will ruin this.. You simply want to pull that sugar our of the dates.  Next pour slowly half of the milk. You do not want to add to much milk. Poor small portions as you go so that you make a rich Date Palm Syrup. Let the dates and milk become one adding little by little your milk.

The more milk the less sweet but it would take an awful amount of milk to not make this sweet. So add until it is at your desired consistency. 

You can add this to so many different meals. Especially my overnight oats! YUMMY! This is like brown sugar!  Here I add this to Oats, Chi Seeds, Bananas, Raisins, Almond Milk, and Date Palm Syrup! You would never have thought this was no added sugar to this!  Let this sit overnight or for at least 3 plus hours for the Oatmeal and Chi Seeds to absorb the milk.  This can be served warm or cold. I love them cold! 

Check out this video on our NEW Youtube Channel! This will show you how it should look. CLICK HERE ! I hope you give this a try and let us know what you use Date Syrup for!  Healthy is Sexy is where food Tastes Good and Good For you! 

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