Discipline is love...

This is a topic that seems to always get some lengthy debates. Especially when it comes to children. Is disciplining a bad thing to do to the ones that you love? I do not think so. Just like the post above I believe they are two in the same.

Think about it this way. Let's say that you are in a store, and you are buying some chips. You happen to see someone stealing. You are more likely to tell on them vs going to them to and having a pep talk about why stealing is not good and not necessary.

Now let's imagine this was your nephew, daughter, best friend are you going to turn them in? Or tell them they need to put it back. You would probably even pay for the items if they got caught. And after, are you going to give them a high five or talk to them about how this is not a good thing. Why do you do this with the person you know and not the person you do not know because of love.

So if you love someone you tell them the good, bad, and ugly. If they have a booger on their face you let them know. You tell them when they are messing up. You tell them when they doing well. But if you do not discipline yourself how can you teach anyone to be disciplined?

You can not.

But you know what else, you can not truly say you love yourself if you fail to stop yourself from doing the things that are not in alignment with your purpose. Wanting to lose weight and eating 3 snicker bars is not self-love and it is not discipline.

So it starts with you!. You start with yourself and discipline yourself to do what is right for yourself will help you to teach the ones you love. Especially your children. Do not let them just hang out there. If you spank them, make sure they understand why what they did

warranted this kind of discipline.

And hopefully, they did something horrible because although I believe in spankings, I believe they are the last result of everything else.

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