Chef Boyardee Ravioli and Daniel Fast Friendly!

I will have to be honest, I am not sure where this idea came from. I was just sitting there and I was boiling Penne Noodles. I kept imagining that Light pinkish-orange color in ziti when the Ricotta Cheese would mix with the sauce. And how Yummy that would Taste! The same with Lasagna. I began to crave but they are not Daniel Fast Friendly! The cheese would throw it off.

Then I remember I had a can of Coconut Milk Unsweeten in the cabinet and some tomato sauce. You know Ricotta is white and mixed with tomato sauce it would definitely be the color but what about the taste?

This combination I came up with was epic. I really felt like I was eating the leftover sauce in Ravioli by Chef Boyardee! That is not the same taste as my original thought but if you only knew how much I use to love Ravioli by Chef Boyardee!!

This was a fair trade-off for me. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! Here is a how-to video on how I made this! And the ingredient amounts below! Keep in mind I did use a different coconut milk for the first time and I did prefer the first one instead of the one I used in this video.

Here is the brand I prefer. The second time was still good but again I prefer this one! Give this a Try! Subscribe and give this is a try! Hashtag #healthyissexytv when you do! YOU WILL NEED:  3/4 of a Can of Coconut Oil 1/2 Cans of Plain Tomato (Make sure no added sugar)

 1/2 Cup of Nutritional Yeast (Put Half and add the half if you prefer) 

3 TB of Garlic Powder 2 Pinches of Salt (Add by Taste)

 1 TB of Cayenne Pepper

1/2 TB of Sage 

1 TB of Onion Powder 

1 TB Paprika 

Healthy is Sexy is food that tastes good and good for you!

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