Beware of Projection

You remember in school, the teacher would use a projector to show her lesson on the wall. I know I am telling my age but you know what I mean. Whatever was put on or in the projector it would show on the wall.

People do exactly what this machine does. What is inside of them they display on other people very similar to how the projector projects the images that displayed on its screen. When this happens this can be very confusing and very hurtful.

A long time ago I remember my counselor explained to me what shame is and how it is very difficult for humans to hold in shame. The only way we can deal with shame is to get it out of us. Let me give you an example to relate to.

Have you ever spoken to someone and they are "picking with you," taunting you? Maybe they are hitting you below the belt or doing something they know very well will bother you. Then, when you finally snap, they become meek and go into a victim-like state as if they never said anything to offend you.

Then you are left confused to question whether or not you were the one who went too far or said to much. This is a form of projection.

Another form of projection is to tell you something you are doing or thinking when in fact this is true for the person. They may dress it up like constructive criticism but in fact, it is the deeply embedded things they have not yet to address within themselves. I will give you another example.

For example, let's say you are a professional business owner that runs a legitimately honest practice and someone tells you "You always trying to get over" When in fact this person is the one who is running an unethical business or always getting over on friends and family. But like shame, this is something that can not be held in so they project it on others.

Be aware when someone is telling you about yourself or just telling you about themselves. You will know the difference because when it for you it will not conflict you. It will come from a place of love. It may make you cringe to hear about yourself but it will not be confusing.

As usual, I hope this is a gem to you.

Love, peace and hair grease!

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