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Meet Zyykirrah

Zyykirrah Casado is an Author, Business Developer, and Social Media Influencer. 

She has been in the industry of business since 2004. 

She also runs a successful Home Daycare for the past 10 years. 



Zyykirrah has worked nationally, internationally, and virtually on different projects for companies, organizations, and individuals. 


Her services range from Public Speaking, Business and Social Media Training, Virtual Classes, Product Production and much more. 


She is well known in her community for making vital connections, enhancing the enviroment and supporting local businesses. 


Her priority has and will always be to change her clients and associates frowns to smiles by providing them with information and services that will leave them in a better position before they came to her. 


Her goal is to always help elevate the people around her. Professionally and personally! 

Always remember,

It is OK to be Great!


What to Expect 

On this site you should expect to LEARN and EXPAND your thinking in the areas of Business Development, Health and Wellness, Child Development, Culture, and Social Media. 

You can also expect opportunities to network and connect thru virtual and in person events, classes, and seminars. 

You can also expect consist updates to our Blog, Events, Book Offers, Services and Products. So Please come often.

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Our Services
  • Professional Public speaking

    Whether you are looking for Business or Social Training, an inspirational message, or high energy, charismatic host, you have come to the right place. 

  • Social Media Training

    Social media is not the wave of the future, it is the wave of the now. Knowing the basis and staying abreast with the constant changes with social media is a key factor for your business and brand to grow. 

  • Business Training

    It is a known fact that only having one income in today's society is a recipe for disaster. Becoming a business owner and or entrepreneur is what it will take to stay above water even if it is only on a PT bases. But the #1 question we are asked is "Where do I start?" This training will answer that!  


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"I am so glad I got this book. Markita's Lost Diary made me think!" 


Michelle Ross, Brooklyn NY

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The place where it is ok to be great! Browse around and see how we can change your frown to a smile. 


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